My Lysistrata Essay

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My own Lysistrata In my own production of Lysistrata I have changed the time to 2012 and have set the play in London. I wanted to show a war in which many of us know about but wasn’t an actual war. This is why I came up with the idea of doing the racial war between black and white people in. It would be easy to tell the difference between the two people at war. Costume In my play the black women will represent Sparta and will show that they have money through the way that they dress. This shall be wearing posh business suits and hold brief cases. This will contrast to the way the white women who represent Anthens dress. They will wear Paul boutique bags and typically chavvy clothes such as jogging bottoms, hooped earrings and white primark t-shirts. This is to show the contrast between the two women and how they dress. The clear difference between the two is that there are black women who represent Sparta and white women who represent Anthen. I think visually it will be easy to understand and get to grips as to who is who. Setting: In the original performance although they were no as advanced as we are now a days originally the would have had some machines for special effects to carry carts on and off and detailed mask and costumes but nothing as much as we have now a days. The also would originally been performed outdoors during daylight hours. The theatre space was typically an arena with the audience in a semi-circle around the performance area. Seats extended backwards in a step formation. The performance space was flat and the main actors made all their entrances from the scene building. Here the actors may have changed costumes and masks, and most of the special effects or machines for magical entrance. Ancient Greek theatre rarely added additional sets. Various traps and machines for special effects were designed and housed in the scene building to
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