My Life Threatening Day

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My Life Threatening Day Have you ever consumed so much alcohol that you couldn’t remember what happened that night? Alcohol poisoning is a serious result of consuming a lot of alcohol. When your body absorbs too much alcohol, it can impact your nervous system slowing down your heart rate and you’re breathing, and causing you to gag non-stop. It can also result and lead to choking, a coma, and death. August 20, 2007 was the day I learned the true definition of alcohol poisoning, and how it can have an impact on an individual’s life. This was one tragic and disturbed day I will never fail to remember. When I first stepped foot on Lamar University and moved in to Cardinal Village, the only thing I could think about is how many new people I was going to meet, and how I was going to have a blast for the W.O.W. (Week of Welcome). The W.O.W is the week before school starts for the new incoming freshmen to have fun, meet new people, and party a little bit. My biggest mistake of the week was that I let the harmless partying transform into a life threatening situation. Some of my older friends that I partied with in Houston, when I was still in high school, were already attending Lamar University. When they found out I was on campus, they immediately invited me to their party. Around 10:00 pm I received my second phone call, I was super late. Usually when you’re late to a party everybody is already drunk or wasted and you have to play catch up, but I would have never thought I would have caught up like I did… As I open the door to the apartment, I could quickly sense the stench of alcohol and see the fog of smoke as if I had just walked into a bar. As I walked inside and shut the door behind me, I glimpsed at the floor spotting unfinished jello shot portion cups crumbled and spread throughout the room. Then I heard someone scream, “Tarrence is finally

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