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My Life Then And Now Essay

  • Submitted by: malachi2519
  • on October 28, 2011
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My Life Then and Now

Ebony P. Wilson


Professor William Ross



  I. What was my family like?
        a) My father and stepfathers one, two, and three
        b) First the only child, then there were two.

  II. What are some of my favorite memories?
        a) In the kitchen with Grandma
        b) My first talent show

III. What are my hobbies?
        a) Ebony the writer
        b) Ebony the Singer/actress

  IV. What would make me happy in the future?
        a) More success / less failures
        b) My children and their children

  V. How can I contribute to my community or to the world in the future?
        a) Raising the bar
        b) Helping those less fortunate than myself

For as long as I can remember my mother is been the type of woman who did the best she could with whatever resources she had available. I remember her often making that statement whenever I questioned why we were unable to or why I couldn’t have what the other kids had. My mom and dad were married in college. I was what you called a “college baby”.   My parents, though they were college students, were actually married because I was conceived which in today’s day and age is a rarity.   My parents were divorced by the time I was two years old. Judging by the fact that my parent’s marriage was short lived, one may be led to believe that their beliefs and loyalty to the tradition of a “shotgun wedding” were not as loyal as they would have liked their parents to believe.

Now, some might view the fact that my parents were divorced so early in my life as unfortunate because I didn’t get to enjoy the benefits of a two parent household. I beg to differ. The truth is that my parents were total opposites. In fact after learning about the six different personality types defined in John Holland’s personality theory of career satisfaction it seems logical that just as certain personality types compliment career choices, the same...

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