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INTRO Many people can classify a single greatest point in their life, but a select few can not. When being raised on pure southern values in the most dominant liberal state, you find other things to concentrate on than politics and schoolwork; I chose this time to forget my family and their troubles to be a kid open to adventures. During my years in middle school and the beginning of high school I found the real me while being outside without supervision. I lived my life by asking permission to break rules through deception, manipulation and other’s ignorance. Though I am not proud of what I did, those were the best times of my life until I became part of God’s church. Raised in a small town in Mississippi, my father was never predestined for greatness. He was raised on southern hospitality, style, and values. These values consisted of church every Sunday, daily football games, and family reunions at dinner. With my grandmother being a school teacher my father was naturally inclined to stand out from the other kids in his class through determination, and shear force from his mother to complete his homework. My father then rose to the top of his class and chose to go to the University of Southern Mississippi where he met my mother. They were both interested in medicine and went to Ole Miss’ a doctoral college. This study of medicine led them to take up residency at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, where my brother and I were born. When I turned four and my brother was still an infant, we moved to New York City for my parents’ jobs. During the four years living on the city my sister was born, so we packed up our apartment and moved to Pelham, Westchester, roughly 20 minutes out of the Big Apple. Though I enjoyed my two years in Pelham, we moved to enemy territory in Lexington, Massachusetts, right next to the capital of the Fenway Faithful. I

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