My Life Is Not My Own

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My Life Is Not My Own Lori King Mr. Wallace Comp II October 27, 2013 Abstract In the beginning, when you are a young child your life belong to your parents. I say this because, you are not in control at all, and everything you do belongs to your parents. They teach you how to talk and how to act, and in other words, they mold you to their liking, the way they want you to be. My parents are from the south, and neither one of them graduated from high school. In my opinion, they did not push education on us. I remember having to do homework, but it not being checked. When you go out in public as a child your parents expects you to act according. You have to walk and act a certain way, and you had better not embarrass them. My mom was the disciplinary of the family; she is the one that kept all of the kids in line. There were 9 of us and only 5 out of the 9 graduated high school. And 3 went to college and 5 went to trade school. My Life Is Not My Own My parents moved to Roosevelt, New York on Long Island, from Charleston, South Carolina when she was pregnant with me in 1959. My parent had 9 children (no privacy), my mom was a stay at home mom (up until I turned 18) and my dad worked every day. We never wanted for anything so I guess we were okay, we only got what we needed in life and nothing we wanted (it was too many of us). I am the third oldest child, I came into this world on January 4th 1960, at 3 pounds 13 ounces, small right? By the time I came along my parents already had a girl and a boy (four and three years older). The sister that was born 14 months after me went to my mom’s sister my Aunt Mary, because she could not have any children (lucky her, (my sister) that is what I always thought). I was supposed to be the one going to my aunt, but because I was too small, and had to stay in the hospital for a few months, my sister was the lucky one. I

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