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My Life Goals Essay What are the possible steps and processes behind successful short term, midterm, and long term goals such as obtaining a high grade on a test? What kind of mindset would someone need if they wanted to buy a house or car? What would be the skills needed if someone wanted to obtain a higher degree in college and thrive in the world beyond? For example, my short term goal was getting a B or above on my report, and then keeping that grade until the next one. So how would one go about something along these lines, and what are the possible steps? One should plan carefully for a goal such as this, as the changes are often ephemeral, and you would have to repeat the steps if the changes were to last. If there was an official process, it would be Preparation, Organization, and Summarization. If you never prepare, you will be blindsided and overwhelmed, if you're not organized you're setting yourself up to fail, because if you can't even keep yourself organized the changes you make won't matter because the same problems while reoccur again and again. And finally, if you can't summarize what you did in the first place, you're right back at square one. My midterm goal, is having an overall semester grade of a B or higher, and then achieving a total GPA of 3.0 for my freshman year. So what would be the proper mindset for some with a similar medium term goal, whether it is academic or personal? It has been said that, "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success", and they were right. Anyone whose goal fits in this category must have great patience, these goals often take time to execute, and more time to prepare for, but the rewards are often always well worth it. Because, "A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else. Lastly, my own long term goal is now to graduate High School, write me first

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