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My Life as I Know It Essay

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  • on May 28, 2012
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Final: My Life As I Know It
Rodney A Workman
PSY202 Adult Development and Life

My Life As I Know It
  I. What things do you remember about your childhood?
  a. Early childhood sicknesses.
  b. Numerous step-fathers and homes.
  c. Second born, second best.
  d. Being sexually molested.
  II. What were you like as a teenager?
  a. Sports fanatic.
  b. Many girlfriends.
  c. B average student.
  d. Withdrawn from family.
  e. Depended mostly on friends.
  III. What did you want to become when you grew up?
  a. Architect
  b. Artist
  c. Naval intelligence officer
  d. Mechanic
  IV. What jobs have you had in your life?
  a. Retail
  b. Lawn Care
  c. Carpet Installer
  d. Automotive maintenance
  e. Automobile Mechanic
  V. Do you have your own family now?
  a. First marriage and daughter
  b. Second marriage and two more daughters
  VI. What are your greatest achievements so far?
  a. Saved two different individuals lives.
  b. Raised/raising three smart, beautiful daughters.
  c. ASE certifications.
  d. Obtained associate degree.
  VII. What would make you happy in the future?
  a. Obtain bachelors’ degree.
  b. Find a job related to my college studies.
  c. Watch daughters graduate, marry, and have children.

My Life As I Know It
    I was born 35 years ago with the purpose of growing, learning, and doing what I can to leave behind a legacy that others might remember, and this paper will give you a hint of how my life has made an impact on that.   I will discuss several areas of my life, such as my childhood, teenage years, jobs that I have had, and a few other areas; my childhood had the most impact on my life, at least what I can remember.
    The bulk of my early childhood was plagued with visits to the local doctors and hospitals, because of my weakened immune system I was born with; from birth to six years of age, I was in and out of the hospitals with pneumonia, seizures, and...

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