My Life Essay

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When I was little I was riding my brother dirt bike and I crashed it into the curb and then I flew over the handle bars and everyone saw me, like even my friends. It was really sad I scrapped my elbows on the side walk and I felt like I just wanted to die. It sucked and I cried for like two days. But then my favorite show cam on, iCarly, and I got really excited and happy. Jadjdhjc dncjkanjka dnjdvn fbjv vfbjnv bfvj vjdask sdjcnv snkvk vhvkjn fnfnv het hi what up hey hi hey hey sup hi sup ok lol dying brb koi boy toy hey sup ok me in the tub for real yeah to My house really help what you in jump lump and to iy up is us trust must zach tack song yes est yes to jump lol ok lol oklol ok hey up and when I was little I got bit by a snake and my foot fell off and it was pretty bad lol ok pop pint yes rest guest yes ok lol ok lol pop lol pop lol hey sup hi hey sup hi hey sup hi hey su hi ok lol moo you in jo when you were little what did you do? Yes I did that too. Im really not feeling this essay thing ugh I hate my life. Yes lol ok. Yes lol okay. Hey hi whats up whats cooking good looking? Ou are so great for reading

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