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My Life 1 My Life: Then, Now and to Come Name: PSY 202 Instructor: December 4, 2011 My Life 2 My Life: Then, Now and to Come When I reflect upon my life and look at how far I have come, a few key memories make the most impact: my sexual abuse history, having my first son, finding my own strength. Each of these experiences has left their mark on me in their own way. They have shaped who I am today and made me an advocate to help others in need. I invite you to take a short trip into my past life of poverty, sexual abuse and teen-aged motherhood. Despite all that I have been through, I am the person I am today because of my experiences; they have made me stronger and introspective and provided me with my own character and morals. A single mother of eight children raised me; I was one of four boys and four girls. My father was non-existent in my life and because my mother was employed, state funding was limited. I grew up on food stamps and section 8 housing and that was all that I knew. Even though my mom was a single mother, we did not accept welfare because she said, “I gave birth to you and I will do whatever it takes to raise my children.” We would accept assistance from others (community outreach programs or our church), but she made sure to keep her job because siting at home and doing nothing was not an option—there were eight mouths to feed. As a result, when I was a child, I don’t remember a time when my mother was not working two jobs. Due to my family situation, I learned how to cook and help care from my youngest siblings at a young age. I was the third oldest daughter, a middle child, and quickly learned to take responsibility of myself and of my siblings. My oldest sister was studying to join the military and my second oldest sister had no interest or desire in

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