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MY LIFE My Life (Past, Present and Future) Sophia M. Bulham PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Instructor Jill Windes February 27, 2012 I. Where are you from? a. Small town b. Trailer park c. Big family II. What are some of your favorite memories? a. Family time in Au Gres, MI b. Conversations with Grandma c. Winning track races d. Vacations e. Graduating from high school III. Who were the important people in your life? a. Mother b. Grandmother c. Tia IV. What did you do after you left school? a. Military V. What jobs have you had in your life? a. McDonald’s b. Co Co Tan c. Sears VI. Do you have your own family now? a. Dennis-Husband b. Nataleya-Daughter VII. What would make you happy in the future? a. Retirement from the Military-I have served my country b. Earning College Degree-I will be more competitive in the civilian world c. Family Life-I will be able to spend more time with my family and not miss out on their lives. d. Civilian Job-Completing another chapter in my life e. Church-Keeps me safe References Witt, G.A., Mossler, R.A. (2010). Adult Development. Retrieved from Arber, Davidson and Ginn (2003). McGraw-Hill Education Changing Roles and Relationships, Gender and Ageing MY PAST My Past, Present, and Future This is a brief story of my life through the years. I cannot believe that life would go by so fast and I would be here typing a paper about my adventures in life. I sometimes wish that I would have done all this college stuff at a much younger age. Either way all my life experiences have shaped the person that I am today. This course that I am

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