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There has always been one moment in my life that stands out above the rest. My greatest memories I have are derived out of my family and education. One great memory was when my father, who is currently serving in the U.S Army, was assigned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag team. At a young age I was allowed to attend a few of the games with him and ‘raise the flag’ when the Buccaneers entered the red zone. It was not only an exhilarating and interesting time, sharing every moment with my dad cheering on the home team; it was a time to allow my passion for the Buccaneers to grow. By being a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Student Advisory Board, it would be an honor and perfect fit for my beliefs, skills, and personality. Indeed, my various volunteer experiences and opportunities have given me the leadership skills and confidence to showcase my personality while doing community service. I have learned a lot doing community service, whether here in Tampa or overseas with my family, and I continue to look forward to sharing these skills and experiences with the community and fellow peers. For the past three years, the world has placed upon me the opportunity to help others. Since freshman year I have obtained over 300 hours of community service. Not only have I reached out to my peers by planting tulips for Drug Awareness Week, I have been involved with in my community over the years by becoming Class President of the Freshman Class, Keystone President, Junior National Honor Society Vice-President, and currently a NHS member, church youth-group member, and an on-going volunteer at Lowry Park Zoo, Tech Playzone, and SHARE. I’ve come to understand that community service isn’t just about “getting hours” it’s about making a difference; allowing the people around you to see there is still help in the world regardless of the hate and discrimination that the

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