My Left Foot Cultural Differnces Essay

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November 10, 2014 In the film My Left Foot it was not an environment that was full of amenities. The culture that the family in this film lived was in a home downtown with sub floors still showing. It was a very poor family that pinched every penny that came through the door. The ages ranged along with the gender throughout the film. The parents had several kids. The four boys all slept in one bed. I couldn’t imagine growing up like that. There was nights they didn’t have any coal to even heat the house. There was one character that went by the name of Christy that had cerebral palsy. The father thought the boy was stupid and couldn’t understand anything. The mother and the sister knew Christy was capable of understanding what they were saying and the sister seen Christy do math. My opinion prior to actual knowledge of the film was it was difficult to follow up with. The actors and actresses have a very heavy accent in this film. The film also flashes from Christy as an older man who cusses back to when he was a young man needing the help of his mother. Before I gathered all that and realized that was Christy as older I didn’t realize that the woman taking care of him during breakfast was his mother. I thought for some reason it was his nanny because she got talking about having to go away and showed her mom and dad in her locket. I assumed she was going to visit her parents at a hospital because one was sick. I didn’t catch on u till later in the film when I heard her name of Mrs. Brown. The communication between the family members with Christy was a difficult task. It wasn’t until later in Christy’s life did anyone really understood what he was capable of. Christy used his feet to write and do math as he was a young boy. He didn’t use his words or really even make noises until he was older. His mother had a difficult time, I feel like in the beginning as he

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