My Least Favorite Teacher

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My Least Favorite Teacher I'm going to tell you about my least favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Griggs, Mrs. Griggs was my ninth grade biology teacher while I attended a ninth grade center. On the first day of class as I entered the class room she made a comment about me saying "Oh look I have another good for nothing jock again this year, get on in your seat." regardless of my attendance along with being on time she always had similar comments to say to me and two other students in the class. I always waited until the end of class to tell her how I didn't like the way she acted toward me without any motive. The next thought that came to mind was to tell another teacher that I trusted what it was that Mrs. Griggs was doing. I believe it was a month before I actually told someone, moreover that someone happened to be one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Hagerty. Mrs. Hagerty was my algebra teacher, She was very understanding of my position. Instead of taking formal action she decided to tell anyone in the class that has the same teacher that she had an history of doing the things she did to me and other students over the years she's been there. The very next time I saw Mrs. Griggs I waited for her to make any smart remarks to me. Not to soon after I entered the class she made a comment about my hair, My response to her was "Ok then Mrs. Grits!" And she got very upset and asked me "Where did you hear that name?" I told her "Oh, Why the long face?" "You look like a anteater." Nonetheless she put me out of class, Up until this very moment I have never talked back to a teacher in that manner before. The comments I made to her were the things kids called her the year before, All thanks to my algebra teacher Mrs. Hagerty. When I was sent to the principles office Mrs. Griggs came to see me. She asked the same questions, Where did I hear the names from and how did
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