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29 August 2012 My learning experience I have been attending college for the past year and a half. School has been great since I began college, I am now EMT Certified. My passion is to provide care to others, it makes me feel a better person and absorb strength to succeed in life. In order to have better success, I need to finish my school prerequisites at SRJC and receive my degree as a Registered Nurse, because being in the hospital and saving lives has always been my dream. Part of my requirement is to take English 1A, but reading has been a strong affliction for me in the past, most of my life I have been avoiding reading before college. Newspaper and magazines were my only reading, my reading skills were unpleasantly poor in many aspects. This semester I took action and registered into English 102 accelerated course. Upon completing this course, I will take English1A next semester to successfully finish taking my required science classes and apply into the nursing program at SRJC. Going to my English class for the first time was pretty nerve-racking, so it was a big challenge to walk in for the first time and my fear didn’t know what to expect. My mind felt that I would do foolish things in class and get embarrassed. My first day of class felt unsure if I belonged there, but my teacher Janet revealed to be very inspiring, motivating, and very idyllic in class. She brought hope to me, and I thought to myself, “She makes me feel I can do great and succeed if I provide time and work if I stick to the challenge.” Janet provided good essential tools to read and comprehend. Some of her advice she gave was, “If you read as fast as you can, your little voice will eventually go away inside your head, absorption and retaining your reading will eventually adapt in your brain.” I said to myself, “You have to be kidding, my brain will slap me in the face

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