My Leadership Vision

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My Leadership Vision Bethany Harris LED/400 March 3, 2013 Judy Cohrs Have you ever had a project that you’ve work with a group of people and the leader of the project conveyed an image which made you think “he/she is not a very good leader?” Well, my self-Image is important to every aspect in my life, in an environment where I could move toward exactly what I aspire to become. Although, understanding areas where I can improve upon my desired qualities both personally and professionally as an effective leader is the purpose of this essay. There are a number of key components that are essential to being an effective leader, first having the ability to share your vision. Determine where you want the project to go and having others willingly follow your steps to completing your goal. However, if your group does not identify with you, it is difficult to get them to follow you. Yes, a good leader would have the skills to see that she might have to communicate with people differently to get them involved in the process. That could be done by offering to hear his/her opinion on the subject. Getting he’s or hers prospective can be a way of letting the person know that you value his or her input. This person will see that you have valued his or her opinion, and if you do not use his concepts or at least incorporate some of their ideas’ then you must tell then why you don’t think their concepts would be appropriate. Positive feedback is very important as a leader. Secondly, as a leader it is important to offer feedback; both positive feedback, because it reinforces and encourages them to do more than what they are doing and negative feedback because it diverts or redirects them to make adjustments in order to reach the desired goal. What is essential for a leader is they must provide feedback, negative and positive constructively. According to Ken Blanchard “To

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