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My Leader, My Dad Throughout the history of mankind, there have always been men and women who stand up and lead others. They lead them during times of war and they lead them during times of peace. These leaders settle conflicts and disputes. They are the men and women who the masses and/or individuals look up to in their daily lives. There has been one such leader in my life that I have looked up to. This man is someone who has always been there for me, not just by his presence, but also by his example. There are many qualities that make this leader who he is. It would seem like a hard thing to do to live by the principle and skills of a leader. Yet he has never failed me. This doesn’t mean he is perfect, but he is striving to better himself all the time. I see this and take note of it. I believe others also take note of it. This man leads others when no one else is willing. He does not fear the masses nor does he care what the world thinks of him. He is my dad. I believe a leader is never called to be a leader. I believe individuals take control and become leaders. They recognize the needs of others and takes actions to secure others well-being. They do this without thinking of themselves. My dad exemplifies this. From a very young age he has thought of others and how to help them. His leadership skills started growing from when he was a young kid. When he was just eight years old, the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came by to his house. After receiving the discussions, he and his mom were baptized. Soon after they were baptized, his mother’s activity in the church declined. My dad took it upon himself to watch over his siblings, since he was the oldest. He made sure his little brothers and sisters went to church and all of the activities. He did this by himself without influence, other than he knew what was best for his

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