My Last Minute Ap English 3 Assignment on the Use of Technology in Schools and Its Importance

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It is essential for schools to start incorporating technology into their approach of educating our youth. Students need to become familiar with technology at a young age, as we live in such a technology based society.Technology has been around since the beginning of time, starting with the invention of the wheel, to the printing press, to the internet and so on. We will continue to use it and make advancements. Like Dyson states, “Change is a constant” (Source C). Since so much of what we use in everyday life involves technology, it is only fair to introduce our youth to it and get them accustomed to using it frequently. People never send handwritten letters anymore, that’s partially why companies like the USPS was considering reducing the amount of days they deliver. Majority of people are using email, social networking and phones to communicate. Not only is it easier, but more efficient and allows us complete more tasks since “everything is happening much faster, and more things are happening” (Source C). Not only will it help students in the future, it’ll also make learning more compelling, after all students do prefer “glitz and pictures” and “video and stylish packaging” (Source E). As Gelerenter puts it, “The instant you get bored, click the mouse, and you’re someplace else” (Source C). Schools also need to take into consideration that regardless of how crucial it is for students to become familiarized with technology, it’s also necessary that they take a break from it, so it doesn’t “seriously mess up children’s informational metabolism” or “stifle a child’s imagination rather than stimulate it” (Source C). We don’t want our youth to feel as if writing without a computer is inferior or they have to put serious thought into writing by hand, like Johnson (Source D); We want it to be second nature. Hence, schools should not only consider the significance of
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