My Lai Massacre Analysis

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On the morning of March 16,1968 during the Vietnam War , a atrocity and violence against the village of My Lai in South Vietnam occurred .US Army troops were send to destroy everything in the village . Approximately from the 700 inhabitants , 504 innocent and non-combatants women , infants , elderly and young children Vietnamese were killed in three hours and by the Americans machine gun and weapons . Many were also Sexually assaulted , tortured, or mutilated in on of the most horrifying atrocities of the entire bloody conflict . Before the My Lai Massacre , the US Army and the Charlies Company , had suffered many attacks via booby-trap or land mine, resulting numerous injuries and many deaths . Many soldiers who were in the My Lai village…show more content…
In the experiment, a teacher was instructed by a scientist to administer electric shocks to a victim as part of a science experiment. Milgram's experiment showed how an expert or an authority figure can easily coerce humans into doing something which goes against their own judgment. This is exactly what made the My Lai Massacre happen. Soldiers were following instructions from the authorities despite the fact that at some point they tried to stop it, they were forced to continue the massacre. Soldiers are trained to always follow orders, never question orders . The same happened with the Milgram's experiment, participants were required to continue even though they wanted to stop the experiment for fear of cries of pain of the learner, but they couldn't do so . They had to continue with the…show more content…
Although at some point they felt nervous, they didn't stop but they obeyed and continued with the procedure. People can obey orders to be very cruel to other people, because they consider the moral responsibility to lie with the one who orders, and not themselves

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