My Lack of Motivation Essay

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One thing in my life that causes me the most dissatisfaction or trouble is my lack of motivation to be productive or to exercise. Using the creative process, I came up with many possible solutions for this apparent problem in my life, many of which I will implement at least in part. Doing yoga and meditating to clear my mind and get some exercise, setting an alarm to get up early every day, getting a friend to work-out with and help motivate me, changing my diet to be more healthy and happy in general, and alternating days of hard-work and relaxation are some of those solutions. The two solutions which I think are the most creative and potentially useful are (1) rearranging and organizing my living and work space for better productivity, and (2) making an exercise routine which uses games and incentives to keep me interested and motivated. I will now analyze those solutions critically and then plan out my implementation of the refined solutions, using the following three steps: working out the details, finding imperfections and complications, and making improvements. In the case of my personal motivation problems and my proposed solutions this stage involves much planning of details and implementation. I will answer more precisely the questions of how I will rearrange and organize my workspace to encourage productivity, and I will construct details of the exercise “games” I will play. First I need a plan for my room, which is my primary work place. Sometimes it can become quite disorganized, so the first step is to clean and organize. The only tools and supplies I will need are a few containers and office supplies to help organize my documents and desk space, but it is also possible that I will be able to improvise these. After thoroughly cleaning and de-junking my room (two separate days of work, perhaps with a day of rest in between, as recommended by

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