My Kid Couldn't Paint That Essay

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My Kid Couldn’t Paint That There is nothing cuter than when a small child, filled with the best intentions and pure love, comes running as fast as she/he can, looks up at you with pride and glee, and hands you a picture she has made especially for you. You look at it seeing it is a picture of you and that child holding hands, you say thank you out of common courtesy and then toss it to the side. What would you do if that five year old child came up to you with a realistic looking portrait of you and that child? What would you do if you found out that your child, or brother or sister, was a child prodigy in the fields of art or music? Modern child artists like Akiane Kramarik and Marla Olmstead continue to astound and confuse the world we live in. It is amazing to see a six year old girl creating a masterpiece it takes experts years to create. Experts and journalists continue to do interest piece stories on these children, but there is always a sense of doubt about how their talents originated and if the works are even authentic or not. What is it that makes Sally so much better at drawing than Jimmy? Is it an act of God, genetic make up, or a tumor of some sort? Back in 2004, while most four-year-olds were off playing pretend in their Fisher Price play houses, Marla Olmstead was hard at work creating masterpieces that sold for thousands of dollars. Like every other flavor of the week, Marla was the hot topic in news casters’ interest pieces. Sure enough, with the snap of a finger the media turned their backs on the little artist when claims that her father, Mark Olmstead, was directing her on where to put color. Marla’s doubters grew in numbers after a piece about her on 60 Minutes where you see, on a hidden camera, Mark Olmstead telling her “where to put the blue.” “Either somebody else painted them start to finish or somebody else doctored them

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