My Journey to College

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Tuesday June 11,2013 Shalebra Fogle Professor Mason English Comp 1 Tues/Thurs 6:00pm-8:45pm One of the reasons i decided to pursue my college career ,Was because of my children.I wanted them to be proud of me.I didnt want to move further in life with only a high school diploma.I started this journey in 1992.I was a single mom,pregnant with my second child. My thought was i did not want to beon public assistance.I wanted to pursueand education to better myself.My first semester i took four classes.I did very well.By the time i was to start my second semester,I had given birth to my second child.It was very hard for me ,to juggle two small children.Also being a Full time student.So i had to drop out with the promise to myself that i will return when my children are older.In 2007 i got pregnant with my 4th and final child .I was living alone with all of my children.A few months before this i had lost my oldest sibling. She had passed away from a brain anuurysm.i also lost another sibling in 1986 to lukiemia.I was in a deep Depression and decided to confide in my housing worker about my feelings.When my housing worker suggested,that i sign up for this program.The program is called the family self sufficiency program.What the program consists of is,you make up 3 achievable goals for yourself.You have 5 years from the date you sign up to complete these goals.during that 5 years whatever rent you have paid,they match that.It is put in a escrow account were it gains interest.On the day of your graduation,If you have completed your goals.all paperwork has to be in order as well.You will get a check for said balance.So i made the concious decision to sign up for it.My goals were as follows 1.fix my credit,2.return to college to finish my associates in buisness administration,attend first time home buyers class ,so some daay i can buy my own home.I didnt start working

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