My Journey of Faith as It Relates to Pi Essay

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My Journey of Faith Life of Pi is a book filled with deep meaning and powerful messages. From the second I read the first couple lines I knew that this book would be meaningful to me and the journey that I have come on as a child growing up. “Academic study and the steady, mindful practice of religion slowly brought me back to life.” This, the second line of the first chapter, holds a special place in my heart as a Christian man. As a child, faith was a huge part in my development. Everything I did was judged on whether or not it would be pleasing or glorifying to God, and as a result it became the basis of everything I did. I truly grew to believe that God would tell me to do things a direct my steps and that if I followed them, I would be fulfilling his plan for me. This pattern grew and grew as fast as I did and became more and more prominent. Suddenly, religion was not just something my family did, but rather something I chose to follow as I developed and began to make more and more choices. One of the things I felt God was calling me to do was to use my hockey as a platform to speak to people about my journey and how religion was the reason for my success. I began playing hockey at the age of twelve and quickly climbed the ranks. There were tough times along the way but nothing that wasn’t overcome in due time. My hockey career continued to grow as I was drafted in the second round by the London Knights of the OHL in 2009. The only step higher than this was the NHL. Naturally I felt that I would have the biggest platform to speak about religion by playing on the biggest stage, the NHL. That by my success people would come to know God through the success that I had as a player. All these dreams and aspirations took a drastic change on September 27, 2010. I injured my knee in a pre season game against the Plymouth Whalers and found out that

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