My Job in the Future

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Essay 1: What kind of job you would like to get after graduation Today it is not easy for us to choose and get a job after graduation. Every year thousands of students pass various examinations and take competitions with others for positions in different professions which are not so many as there are applicants. However, I would like to choose teaching as my career in the future because it is my parents’ desire, it is also my dream, my hope and it is the work I think I can do best in my life. In my opinion, teacher is always a noble, even an interesting job. It is also my parents’ thought. They are the greatest teacher to me as when I was a little girl, they always teach me how to think and finish any works as the best person do. They consider that we are thought to be a successful person only when we do a work best and bring benefits to our society by that work. My parents know exactly what my characteristic I have, what I am good at and what my dream is. That is the reason why they believe I will be the best teacher and I am capable of devoting my abilities and my enthusiasm to my students and our country’s education. And during the time I was at high school, they expected and advised me to become a good teacher in the future. When I was in grade 10, truly I knew who I am and what I want to do in my future. I love my parents and respect their ideas. Actually, I do not always follow the way they draw to me without thinking. I am a quiet and a patient girl. But I am also keen on coping with various and difficult things to find inspiration for my life. I would like to work with many people, especially with children. I particularly enjoy tutoring “at-risk” children and helping them build confidence in their ability to achieve, both academically and socially. I have got nearly two-year experience doing a part-time job in English as a tutor, a teaching assistant and
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