My Inhibition Essay

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My Inhibition 1. My inhibition is riding public transportation by myself. Public transportation has always been a convenience to me. Before the days when I was driving, I would always rely on public transportation. Every time I would go on a bus or a train, my parents, my friends or even a group that I was with would always go with me. I would feel safe and secure when I was with somebody. Every day, on the news, I would hear terrible stories of people being seriously hurt or even killed on public transportation. It scares me when I’m on my own. I even have panic attacks about it. I have never been on public transportation on my own, especially in a new town. Since I’m in college, I would be on my own. Even my friends are in different schools. I won’t have other people to rely on. I want to conquer this fear of public transportation. 2. I wanted to get my hair done. My hair was at the point of coming apart out of the braids. The only hair salon in Massachusetts close enough to do my hair and braid it was a salon in Cambridge. I went to Google Maps and estimate the trip and I realized it was T ride and a bus ride away. I was mortified that I would have to take two types of transportation, but I figured I would ask one of my roommates to go with me on this trip. Unfortunately, both of them had class so I had to go to Cambridge by myself. The idea just made my stomach turn, but I then figured I would have to do it sooner or later. So I decided to go through with it anyway. The time has come. 3. After English, I packed up my bag and walked all the way to the Riverside T stop. The T approached and slowed down to a halt. I walked up and sat down on the single seats. My heart was pounding against my chest. As the T traveled from stop to stop, I was starting to feel a little bit of relief since most of the other passengers
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