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Man is naturally endowed with feelings of likes and dislikes, love and hatred. If these feelings increased then it becomes an inspiration. It is not essential that a man should be inspired by a personality; he can even be inspired by an incident, by a beautiful scene or by an action. William Wordsworth was influenced by nature and is known as poet of nature. In the same way I am highly influenced by my dad, with whom I have spent 18 springs of my life. My parents are well qualified and by profession my mom is a doctor and dad an engineer, so much so that I have determined to become an engineer like my father. My father is an honest, sincere and well determined man. He is never overpowered by despair and confusion but saw it manly and ultimately come out successful. He hails from an educated family with a rustic environment. My father who completed his bachelor electrical engineering degree has passed through various stages of his life but his aim to achieve his goals that is to have a bachelor degree was never over shadowed by any difficulty whatever it may be. He did public and private jobs, could not adjust him there because his mission was not to earn money and to spend a majestic and easy life, but to do something creative and novel. So he entered the business realm and established a steel re-rolling mill. It was a challenging job for him where he was crisscrossed by a crisis but was not disheartened. He then moved to education side and did the marvelous where I also completed my primary studies. He was not satisfied there and left this business in search of another one. He then moved in the field of Compressed Natural Gas, a fuel substitute for vehicles. Financially this was the most difficult occupation to enter and physically an adventurous one. There were a lot of hurdles confronting him; many of my relatives raised different questions as we did not had a

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