My Impression of China Essay

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My impression of China all things considered is good. The Chinese are very friendly people, who want to make their guests feel as pleased as possible. Advantages at my stay were definitely shopping and low prices but also the friendly Chinese people and eating with chopsticks. I liked eating with chopsticks because I think one eats more decent and it is more fun because we don’t use chopsticks in Denmark. Drawbacks at my stay were the food but in some how it was also an advantage because I learned really to appreciate the food we have in Denmark. However, I found some of the food really delicious. Actually the Chinese kindness can also be a drawback because it could very easy become too much. Sometimes they are so friendly that it is annoying. “My” Chinese student hold the door for me, she never walked in front of me but always a small step behind me and she never asked questions or started talking to me because she was so well brought up and shy and after a while it was very annoying. Another drawback was that we could not stay overnight in Beijing so we lost a lot of time by driving and that time we could easily have spend in Beijing. I also think that the day we were in school going to lessons should have been planned better by the school. For example was the Chinese lesson very irrelevant because we learned about Danish culture and that was not at all what we expected. I think it could be interesting to learn something we could use at our stay, such as how to say hello, farewell, thank you and so on. Of course we all ended the stay knowing the different words in Chinese but it would also be a lot more fun than learn about our own culture. A very important advantage to me was that we had a relatively lot of free time. It was good to have a break from all the Chinese impressions because everything is so different from our own culture, so I think the free time
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