My Identity and High School

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High school is a weird time of a person’s life. There are teenagers who take high school seriously and don’t worry about the socializing part of high school. After years of trying to build up identity and friends during middle school, students are expected to mature the minute they enter high school, I didn’t take this into consideration. I never realize how much high school success would be to my future. If I would have studied more when in high school, I would have been a college’s dream candidate. How has high school affected my identity? During my high school years I did not always apply my fullest to receive the best grades that I could, I am a changed woman who has potential and while applying myself more now that I am in college, hoping that my high school years will not haunt me. During my high school experience, I hung out with the wrong crowd. Hanging out with my friends was more important to me than going to class and getting good grades. When it came time to graduate, it didn’t mean anything to me. Maya Angelou stated in her writing “Graduation”, “Graduation, the hush-hush magic time of frills and gifts and congratulations and diplomas, was finished for me before my name was called. The accomplishment was nothing” (83). Graduation is supposed to be the best thing in everyone’s lives. Although my parents seemed to be proud of me for my accomplishment, I knew the reasoning for just barely making it through high school. My parents thought that I was not serious enough for college because of the way I slacked off in high school. Although my parents didn’t believe I was serious enough for college, I chose to go after being out of school for three years. Despite what my parents thought, I have done well. College has not always been the easiest for me but I have kept my G.P.A over a 3.0. Death always affects one’s identity. Some people will

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