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My Ideal Family Essay

  • Submitted by: singereanum
  • on June 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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"My Ideal Family"
Everyone has his own definition of what a family should be like. The meaning of a family is different to each of us. Therefore by sociologists giving definitions to what a family is, we do not have a clear idea of what family is and not all definitions adept to all families. I strongly believe that there is no “ideal family”. In the following essay I will explain why.

My first point is the explanation why there is no perfect family setup. In my opinion it does not matter what the constellation of a family is. For example, if there is a mother, a father and two children, for most people it seems that this is a perfect family. But think of the situation that the father or mother is an alcoholic. No one knows, outwardly it appears that everyone is happy.
I would also say that it is not important if the parents are the “real” parents, this means that the children are adopted. For instance, most of the children who are adopted have a considerably better life than before.

Afterwards, I want to argue why there is no connection between family constellation and relationships between family members. The first point is that in most instances there is a better relationship between family members in single parent families. Because there is no rivalry between kinds and parent. Often young children are jealous on one parent. Another point is that a relationship consists of giving and receiving. In other words, there could be the perfect family, but if no one thinks about the others it is impossible to live happy together.

The last thing I want to show is that no classification exists, which is perfect for society. Neither a nuclear family nor any other family can live without any problems. This means that a family can look like the perfect family for years, always obliging and friendly. And from one day to the other the couple gets divorced because the husband was unfaithful. There is no guarantee that if you raise a family, you will always be as...

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