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My Hometown Entering Green Ridge, Missouri at first may not seem as eye pleasing as say, Los Angeles, California. With a population sign of 476 and a “billboard” like sign made of barbed wire that shows all of our towns clubs and organizations. Many people would view Green Ridge as a small country town that consists of a Casey’s gas station, one K-12 school, and a bank. However it’s not necessarily about the quantity of my town that I view and admire, but yet the quality. Green Ridge has way more to offer than just being a small town for example: The Katy Trail, Movies in the Park, and Main Street. Living in a small town my whole life, my friends and I always had to find ways to have fun. Being the outdoorsy girl I am, finding something fun to do was easy for me. One of my favorite activities and one of the main reason I love my hometown is the Katy Trail. I always enjoyed riding my bike down the Katy Trail especially because it runs through the surrounding towns. Biking down the Katy Trail was a way for me to visit my friends that didn’t live in my hometown (they always seemed way cooler than the people that I lived in town with) and it was also a way for me to get out and explore. When you live in a small town, you learn to appreciate the simpler things in life. As I mentioned earlier, I believe Green Ridge is more about quality than quantity. As you enter my town you will see that everyone waves. My hometown is based on small town values, everyone in the town comes together in times of joy and need. Recently one of the members of our town was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our town came together and decided to have a chili benefit dinner and silent auction in hopes to raise money for this particular member’s medical bills. There wasn’t a single person that didn’t attend the event. The night was full of stories, support, tears, but also happy tears. We all

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