My Hometown Essay

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I like to live in Bac Ninh province. It's a place where I was born. When I'm tired of living in my urban area with crazy noise and industrial smoke. I will take a journey back to my hometown to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere and ancient scenery. Bac Ninh is one of rare provinces can maintain the long tradition, especially Quan Ho folksong. The government is trying to keep this to help the young generation can know more about their own hometown. Besides, it's unfortunate if you don't join traditional festivals when coming Bac Ninh province. The popular festivals are organized in many pagodas, temples and communal houses. I like to come there with my grandmother to pray for happiness, wealthy and a peace-filled life. I'm also interested in flying a kite with my friends on windy days. It's really fun when seeing colorful kites in the sky and listening to the sound of the flutes attached to the kites. However the place I like best is my grandparents' home. It's exactly a good choice for relaxing. My grandparents plant many trees in the garden and around this house so I always feel cool and peaceful. Our garden has many kinds of fruit trees and I love to take a walk under the foliage and enjoy the fruits. I also like to go sight-seeing around the field. The rivers, the dyke and all about the village are my favorite. That's a little bit of my favorite place, the place that became a part of my

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