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Heritage According to “Dictionary. COM”, heritage is defined as something that is handed down from preceding generations. Leblanc’s definition of heritage states that whatever you preserve and pass on to future generations determines your heritage. One’s physical and psychological make up can be defined through their heritage, and, in turn, individuals become a product of their environment. This means that one’s home, school, and work environment can make an imprint on an individual. Furthermore, one’s psychological heritage (or genetic coding) may also determine one’s physical and cognitive demeanor. My perseverance and compassion for others are the important factors that have shaped my heritage and created a legacy for my future grandchildren.…show more content…
Throughout my life, I have seen myself as someone whose perseverance leads them to what they enjoy in life. In addition, I think that someone with a strong sense of perseverance can become happier then before by pursuing the things they treasure most. When I was about ten or eleven years old, one thing that I was truly devoted to was baseball. During this part of my life, I encountered my first true experience where I persevered to achieve something I enjoyed. I set a goal to try-out for and make a competitive, inter-state travel baseball team. Going into the tryouts, I realized that I was not one of the overall best players that were competing for the 12-man roster. However I understood that with enough hard work, I could use my specialties to my advantage and surpass some of the other players to at least make the first cut. After the first cut came and went, and I was still competing, I then knew that I could go the rest of the way. Throughout the rest of the tryouts, I stuck with the uphill struggle and continued to perform at my best level. In the end I was rewarded with a back-up spot to the starting line up but nonetheless I had still made the team. Even though I was not named a starter to the team, I was still satisfied with the product of my perseverance because I still got the chance to compete in a travel league, which was my goal from the beginning. My experience with the competitive baseball tryouts truly made an…show more content…
Personally, I think that the most important thing in life is to pursue what you take pleasure in most. I also think that if there is something you can do that pleases yourself and can benefit the lives of others, then you should take every step to make it happen. About a year back, my brother put together a Boy Scout eagle project consisting of sending care-packages to American troops overseas. When he told me of this idea, I was more then happy to help participate in an act that would take a very small amount of my time and greatly improve the well being of someone else who sacrifices his or her life everyday. We started his project by collecting both the money for shipping costs and the supplies needed to create the care packages. After coming in contact with Lieutenant on duty in Iraq, we put together 16 “U-haul” boxes full of supplies, toiletries and necessities for the troops and sent the care packages on their way. After this process was over, I reflected on what we had done and determined that the time I had spent was far less than the joy and happiness that the care packages would bring to the troops. A few weeks after the packages were sent, we received an email that confirmed the arrival of the packages and described the delightful and joyous emotions that the troops felt. This is when I knew that what I had done was worth the time I put into it because I had clear evidence that what I did

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