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Blessing Nkrumah Due Date: 02/8/13 Per. 6 Title: Arty Teens More Prone to Depression Source: Medindia Network for Health ( Publication Date: December 19, 2012 Heath Topic: Mental, Emotional, and Social Health “Arty Teens More Prone to Depression”, by Dr. Reeja Tharu, is an article about the possibilities of a teenager involved in music, art or drama being more depressed than teenagers that are not. Research had said that humans, especially teens, that are more into art are more likely to end up with a mental illness as they get older. When students who were linked to art were asked how often they experienced mood changes, difficulty concentrating, sadness or lack of energy, The number of students who responded a yes to the question asked were higher than the average student. Also, girls had a higher rate of depression that boys. The article isn’t saying that all teens who are drawn to art or drama or music will face depression, instead, it is saying that there is a possibility that students in an art related program are more likely to become depressed. I found this article interesting because I thought that, art and music helps people overcome depression not the opposite. Art allows people to express themselves, and it helps them escape the real world, but this article says that teens in art, music or drama are more likely to have symptoms of mental illness, and that is why I chose this article. The criterias I used from Quack Alert is that my source is recent and it is based on the Boston College research project. This article does not agree with what I’ve learned previously about art because it says that people in art are more prone to depression, whereas I say that teens in art are less prone to depression. The article affected

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