My Hard Experience to Learn English Essay

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Kangmoo HUH (Steven) Reading Ⅲ Dr.Cooledge March 28, 2012 Essay My hard experience to learn English My family immigrated to America in the summer of 2011 for my education because education system of America is better than that of Korea, my country. I want to learn English because If I come true my future goal, being fund manager, I need excellent English ability to analyze trend of the world’s stock market and talk with foreign investor. I started learning English at Korean university in 2010 because when I was freshman in the university, my major was English literature. I have been studying English since 2010. However, I have encountered two obstacles such as insufficient chance to talk with American and difficult pronunciation of English while I have been learning English. One obstacle of learning English is inadequate opportunity to speak with American. Even though my major was English literature when I was freshman at Korean university, I didn’t listen and speak English much. Because a professor of my class was Korean and the class was progressed in Korean. There were many foreign students in my university, but most of them were Asian. Most classmates of my university that I have gone since spring semester in 2012 are also Chinese. In addition, when I came to America in the summer of 2011, there were many Koreans in my apartment and my family went to the Korean church every Sunday. So I have got along with Korean friends. Finally, it has been difficult to tell long conversation with American. Another obstacle of learning English is difficulty of English’s pronunciation. First, every word of English has various position of accent. For example, “Yesterday” is stressed on the first syllable, while “tomorrow” is stressed on the second syllable. Second, when consonant and vowel are connected side by side, two words separated each other is spoken as if

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