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my goals and aspirations Essay

  • Submitted by: shaywishgeeeon
  • on March 16, 2009
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My Goals and Aspirations

Opportunities can open many doors and yet me showing determination, courage, my focus, and potential can serves as a key to these doors as well. You can’t have opportunities if you don’t have determination and that’s just what I ‘am determined to construct my own success and not let anyone tell me I can’t compose it. So in order to understand why I require and be worthy of being accepted to your college you must distinguish why I’am determine, what I’am focusing on and were do I obtain my potential from.
            I’am determine because I want to make it. I being the great person I ‘am, is what makes me worthy of and will thrive upon the chance to succeed in life. My family isn’t particularly wealthy and has constantly made education the major focus in our home. Getting me threw high school has been a very rocky road, by trying to get me all the supplies and books I have needed. That’s why I’am determined to get into this college. My family won’t be able to pay for it so now I have to insure my education by keeping my grades up and applying for scholarships.
          What I’am focusing on is a very big part of what keeps me striving and doing my finest. When I graduate I want to go to a University. It has always been a college that I would like to go to. I plan on going there to study Law Enforcement and getting a Bachelor degree in it. Then when I graduate join the Air Force as a Military Police Office and later join a police force of my choice to fight crime.   I want to help people in need and stop criminals.  
          I get my potential from the band that I’am in, as listed as one of my school activities. They have been my brothers and sisters for the past four years. My brothers and sisters are too young to comprehend. But the band has pushed me and drove me to keep my grades up and study with me. They have been their in my time of need when I don’t have the money for a book and for that I love them.
          So if...

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