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!) Short-term and long-term are different because short-term is looking at were you will 3-6 months from now and long-term goals is where you see yourself 3-5 years from now. 2) The factors that you should consider when setting goals for yourself is: • Academic • Personal • Family or work 3) An example of a short-term goal that I have for this class is to be able to compare my writing skills 3-6 months ago to when I first started this class. 4) The steps I need to reach this goal are first of all a lot of positive thinking. So far throughout my life, I’ve been able to accomplish a few of my goals. I am willing to stick with my goals I have for the future. Till this day not even one of my goals has changed. 5) Some advice I would give Lucy is to get part-time schedule for school. Find ways to manage your time. Maybe you can end up hiring a babysitter. Or work less hours if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your kid alone with someone else. Try talking to someone else about your situation, maybe they can help you find a way to have some extra time to do class assignments. My Goals 1) My short-term goal is to get at least a good grade for this class that way I’ll know if I need some extra help. In order to accomplish this goal I will have not have to be afraid to ask questions. I think I think that is one of my biggest problems when it comes to school; since I’m shy, I don’t ask questions when I need help. 2) My mid-term goal is to advance my skills in culinary arts and other classes. Paying attention will help me a lot to reach this goal. To have my days organized so that I have plenty of time to do homework and things I do at home. 3) My long-term goal is to graduate from St. Augustine College and right away start my career. I want to walk out the door with my diploma and

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