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Goal Paper By: nickie Academic Achievements Ok…here goes. This may not be how a normal goal paper starts out but this isn’t going to be a normal goal paper. I’m not going to pull the boy oh boy am I glad to be in high school stuff cause let’s face It no one likes school. I mean c’mon. Let’s be real here, but I do have to say math is my favorite subject out of all of them. I like a good challenge and sometimes math presents one. I do want to do good in school don’t get me wrong, it’s just a matter of actually getting things done… I’m kinda a procrastinator. I always try my hardest at everything I do some a little more than others if I like them, but I do try. Well, with this being said, Algebra 1 is my core mathematics course this year, its kind of difficult ,but I get it, some a little less than others but I get it for the most part. I hope to pass the course. I also have math lab as my other math course and so far I’ve come to enjoy it, but enjoying it and doing well in it is to different things. I hope to also do well in this course. I would like to better my math skills in the year to come. I would like to easily pass the ECA but I may not and that’s ok but I at least plan on doing well on it. Academic Rigor ` Ok if we’re being honest here I plan on working my tail feathers off. Personally, I think you must be pretty dimwitted if you make it this far and plan on not working as hard as you possibly can. No one should set themselves up for failure and If you don’t try you WILL NOT succeed in life. it’s as simple as that, and personally,

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