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My Future Husband Essay

  • Submitted by: cwtdyyvtb
  • on November 29, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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My future husband
Every girl has a dream. Since we are born we see couples. From Barbie and Ken to Edward and Bella from “Twilight”. From Cinderella and her prince we all dream of finding our true love. We grow up and wish of finding our prince charming. Still, every girl has her idea. My “purple prince” does not have to be perfect to me nor the world but has to have some characteristics. A true man that loves God beyond his life, has values, and loves me, will have a chance of winning my heart.
The first thing I will see in a guy is that he loves God. A true man would recognize Jesus in his life. Jesus needs to be his 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. That also means that if he really loves Jesus, Jesus had picked him out for me. I love God and owe him my whole life. That is the reason my “purple prince” has to love God with all his heart and soul.
Finally, but not least, my “purple prince” should love me. Many men can have those qualities. Still, that does not mean that his heart is mine. To prove his love for me I would like him to accept me with my virtues and defects, support and always be there for me.
There are many other things I would look in a man. But I think those are the three things I will first notice: a soul given to Jesus, moral values, and a piece of his heart for me. Right know those are hard qualities to find in a guy my age (16); that is why I am waiting. Patience is my key to find my soul-mate that will have all those qualities and more. I do not know when he would appear. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, in a week, months or in a few years. Still, I know he is out there too.
Domingo Aponte Collazo School
Lares, Puerto Rico
Marienid González Meléndez
Mrs. Ramos
October 1, 2009

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