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Marcos J. Luna Mr. Watson English-4(B) 3 September 2012 If you could plan the rest of your life’s journey what would it be like? I bet it would be pretty fantastic. Well if I had a chance like that it would be like this… I would start by finishing high school with a two point five grade average. After that I would go to college with Memphis Tigers. My life would be great just with that id get a master’s degree to be a PE teacher or something athletic. That would be one life I would want to live with. If I don’t l make it to college I would find the best job I could. And on my own time I would try to become a rap artist because that is another thing I love to do. You know anything could happen, it just takes time and hard work. so if it did happen I would cherish it and help the ones in need. I would try to do a good thing for a lot of people especially the ones that helped and guided me through my journey. And if all goes good by one of those lives’s I hope to do all these things before I die… I would like to meet KiD iNk and get his aught graph, also have a kickback. I also want to become good friends with Derrick Rose because he’s the one that inspires me every moment of my life. To be honest I really just hope to have a successful life. Like seriously I know I need to school and take whatever happens to me and use it as an advantage. So I hope you do the same. I feel like whatever doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger, I want to make my success that much

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