My Friend and the Sea Essay

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Carissa Kaye English 121 Blade November 1, 2013 Kaye 1 Shawn Seawater Sometimes we find someone in our lives who helps everything make sense, someone who pulls everyone you know together and makes the everyday normalcies feel extraordinary. Shawn Seawater was a vital person in my life. Shawn and I met online, on an online forum called Camfrog. Similar to normal chat rooms but this one is a video chat site. He brought his passion, his knowledge and drinking together in an irresistible format that brought connections from around the globe. This is about his life and yes, eventual death. Seawater was a funny and amazing person. He was a chef who lived in Hilo, Hawaii. He was passionate about skateboarding, smoking weed and drinking in excess. He created a room called Drink_Biitch_Drink and it is safe to say that is where most of his friends met him at. It is an online bar where we all get together to drink and joke together. People from around the world congregate there all day and night. We laugh about random things. We have long standing relationships. Boyfriends and girlfriends are made and broke in the room. Friendships are strengthened. Perverts are caught red handed. Many a night has been spent laughing, crying and talking with people in Africa, England, Ireland, Japan, and all across the states. I have met best friends, loves, and experienced so much due to this forum. The best part is, of course, having such an amazing friend in Seawater, to share this with the whole time. Flirting into the wee hours, we have all witnessed random connections and even seen people get into long term and serious relationships. Kaye 2 Shawn Seawater was one of my best friends. He saw me through doomed relationships. He cheered me up through the rough times in my life. He had an infectious laugh and eyes that could make you smile, even as he said something harsh.

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