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My First Public Speaking Expirience Essay

  • Submitted by: Ace305
  • on January 27, 2011
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My First Public Speaking Experience

As a young child until today   I have always had the predicament of speaking or talking to people in large crowds. I remember like it was yesterday. There I was sitting in 3rd grade   anxious for Mrs. Hudson   not to call my name to recite a poem called “The Raven.” I thought I could maybe slip her mind and never have to present it because it was literally one minute on the clock. Unfortunately my luck ran out. “ Hal Knowles please recite the poem.” My first reaction was to stay seated but she called me and I knew no matter what I did there was not any possible way for me to get of reciting that stupid poem. I went to the front of the class and I embarrassed myself by being the only person who didn’t know at least half of the poem. Matter fact if I remember correctly I only recited two sentences out of that stupid poem. As I sat down back in my chair everybody laughed and ridiculed me to the point that I cried. Let me remind you now I was the tallest kid in my class and back then it was a sin if you were the tallest, most athletic, or toughest to cry in front of people. My best friend Chris, that I would do better the next time but at that age and time I could not stand when people told me that. It seemed like the only purpose for them to state those words were for me to just feel better for that time and being. Fifth grade came around and I got my chance to prove myself that I was not just a tall wimp. However again the same process was repeated only this time it was even worst. I embarrassed myself by first farting so loud that everybody thought I was deadly time bomb, I was sweating like I came from playing basketball, and on top of that the girl who I used to think was the prettiest thing in the world   completely shot me down laughing at me and told me that if I was the last person on earth that she would not even talk to me. I felt like I wanted transform into a hermit and just crawl in my own little box . Skipping over to...

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