My First Job Interview Essay

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370783 Page 1 Filer’s name, address & telephone number: 1 Payments received 2 Amounts billed 15,200.00 OMB No. 1545-1574 Robert Morris University Illinois 401 S. State Street, Suite 410 Chicago, IL 60605 (800) 762-5960 Filer’s Federal ID No: Student’s social security no: 2013 Form 1098-T .00 8,675.76 Tuition Statement 3 Change in reporting method for 2013 N/A 4 Prior year adjustments to 5 Scholarships or grants amounts billed Copy B For Student 37-0864020 Student’s name and address: XXX~XX~3537 6 Prior year adjustments to scholarships or grants 7 Box 1 or 2 includes amounts for academic period beginning January – March, 2014 N/A This is important tax information and is being furnished to the Internal Revenue Service. .00 Amery Shannon 144 W Marquette Rd Chicago, IL 60621 8 Check if at least half-time student 9 Check if a graduate X student 10 Insurance contract reimb./refund N/A Form 1098-T (Keep for your records.) ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY ILLINOIS STUDENT ACCOUNT SUMMARY Student Name: Amery Shannon Student SS#: XXX~XX~3537 This worksheet has been developed to assist taxpayers in computing amounts that may be eligible for one of the education tax benefits. It is not an IRS document, nor does it represent tax advice from Robert Morris University. Use information from this summary to compute tuition and fees paid during tax year 2013 Adjustments for Academic Periods in Previous Tax Years Adjustments to your account Adj. to Tuition & Fees (BOX 4) Amount .00 Adjustments to your account Adj. to Scholarships & Grants & Other (BOX 6) Amount .00 Transactions for Academic Periods in Previous or Future Tax Years Charges to your account Books & Supplies b Other Charges b Refunds to Student b TOTAL Amount .00 .00 .00 .00 Payments to your account Scholarships & Grants & Other c Student
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