My First Job Essay

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It was middle of June of 2002. I just graduated from my University, and got my Bachelor’s degree in Finance. After graduation I thought that I can easily find a job because I graduated with honor. I have got this thought because I received a practical training at the company as an accountant, and was offered a job at the same company after the training. But I wished to work for government and make reforms. After graduation I decided to start my work at Ministry of Finance. I did not get this job easily because it was big competition over there. After two weeks I got job interview offer for leading economist position. It was early morning and I did not wake up completely and I was sleepy. When I heard that my interviewer would be Deputy Minister I have got panic and came to myself. In my head I had a lot questions, such as “What if I cannot answer for his questions? What if I ….?, and so on”. So time was up and I went to his office like soldier goes to war. It was big and bright room and there were a lot of papers on the desk. First time I had impression that it would be angry old guy but when I saw a young man greeting me with smile in his face I changed my opinion but I still had some fear. After couple minutes he started interviewing and asking questions about my background and my years spent at the University. After these questions he smoothly switched to professional questions. It was not difficult to me to answer them because my major was finance and I have had some experience at this field. I thought this questioning has not its ending and minutes seemed to me like hours. I remember exact time it was 10:00 am when he finished this “torture” and said “Congratulation, you are hired…”. It seemed to me like I passed very important exam and I have got my first job in my

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