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Ana Gonzalez Mrs. Griffith Narrative October 1, 2009 My First Job New situations always make me nervous, and my first job was surely one of them. I was 3 months pregnant when I began taking tax classes at H&R Block. The classes were very easy but very boring. Luckily I managed to get my 60 hours of classes done within two months and by January I had my first job! I was very excited but also very nervous. I was a very shy and quiet girl back then. I am less shy now but I’m still hoping to improve my social skills. Working at H&R Block gave me the opportunity to learn how to file taxes. This January will be my third year working with them and I enjoy it although I’m just the receptionist. I know how to file taxes; I just believe I’m not well prepared yet. By having this job I learned to be more responsible and I learned to appreciate the value of a dollar. When I first thought of working at H&R Block, I imagine it would just bring stress by all the paper filing and by the complaints in the crowd of impatient people. I was wrong though. The environment is very enjoyable. I got to meet a lot of new people and they were very friendly. I met customers who told me they’ve been coming to H&R Block to see the same tax preparer for over 10 years. I was amazed. These were usually the patient people. Just like any other business, H&R Block also has their peak and off peak seasons. When it’s off peak season, it’s usually slow and sometimes we even get to make little parties. We each pitch in to bring food and drinks and then we enjoy the gathering. The best part of working at H&R Block is that we get our taxes prepared for free! Last of all, I wouldn’t say the job pays perfectly but for the work we do it’s worth it. Everyone sits at a desk and does paperwork. I never got tired of standing up but I did get tired

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