My First High School Basketball Game

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Basketball has been my favorite activity since I was young. I can remember one summer when we were kids we would build our own basketball court from old plastic milk crates. We would break the bottoms out with a hammer and then nail the crates to trees or phone poles so we could play basketball. I would also go to the playgrounds and watch the older people play the game at a much faster pace, then what I was use to with my friends. The first thing I learned about basketball is that there are twelve players on each team. Not all twelve players of each team play at the same time, there can only be five players from each team that plays on the floor at one time. From that knowledge, I would gather up some people and we would go to the neighborhood playground to a game of street basketball. Street basketball is a game played without rules. However as I became older I began to understand the game of basketball and the rules of the game. I was introduced to organized basketball and been playing every since. It was a cold November morning; I had to get up at six thirty just as I had to do every day for school. However, this day was different I quickly ran to the calendar and stared at today’s date, it was November 11, my first high school basketball game. Got up and ready for school with the quickness, I was running around the house like a chicken with his head cut off, I was overly excited. Some way I was able to remember to wear my basketball warm up instead of my street clothes, but off to school I went. That day in school I really did not pay attention to anything any of my teachers where trying to teach. I walked around school with my pink headphones in; I was getting ready for my game. One day my name will be on the wall of fame or, maybe I was going to be on that winning team that brought the school a championship. Whatever it was gone, be I was
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