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My First Flight My first flight was in August 2002 I was going was going to India, to visit my Dad’s youngest brother’s wedding. I was about ten at that time Once I reached at Heathrow airport we waited a ‘few hours before we could go through customs we went to give are bags in and went straight to customs. After customs we went to duty free. It was 10 minutes before the plane. We were ready and waiting for the take off. Firstly the plane went on the run way till the opposite end. But finally it took an about-turn and the speed increased. Within a few seconds we were high, up in the sky. The view was breath-taking. The roads seemed like bright lighted lines, the houses and cars seemed like toys. The actual city looked like a toy model of a city. My ears were humming initially when the plane increased the height, but later on everything was fine. Time just flew and very soon we landed Delhi. After a 30 min break, the plane again took off. Almost everyone was asleep, but I was so happy and excited that I could not even think of sleeping. Again there was similar view from the top. Our pilot was an expert. We reached Amritsar before time at 2:30 AM. The Amritsar airport is awesome maybe because the domestic and international airport is common. A bus dropped us till the airport. So many planes were lined up there. Our plane was at 72 numbered stop so you can imagine the view. There was so much rush at the airport that it seemed like a railway station. I must admit that I am in love with Amritsar at first sight. Even at night the city looked so beautiful and well maintained. It is like heaven for a nature lover like me. It was so cool and pleasant that unknowingly Ifell asleep in the car and missed the night view. Some of the points i thought up above in the sky were - After seeing this view i have an urge to look at the Earth from the space I hope i get a

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