My First Experience in a Psychiatric Hospital

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''ONTORA''(Bengali style!) Beauty, expression, and complete dedication. I want to begin with a poem that I wrote about the patients: Beautiful minds, they reside in this place, Unstoppable creativity, it flows in their veins. Some eyes are bright, sparkling with adventure, Some layered with filaments, that tales may tell. Few eyelids weighed down by medication to 'cure', Healed others, lifted high above, by life itself! Lucky you may be if they let you straight into their heart, Otherwise wait, and watch with warm eyes. For sooner or later the barriers will break, Unfolding the folds, Making them vulnerable, yet free. Respect their space and hold them gently, Keep it light, Be careful before you tread where you cannot see! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ANTARA- An enriching experience. Literally speaking, Antara does seem like a ‘big universe’ of mental healthcare, especially to a psychology student who leaves the textbook, and for the first time enters the alive world of psychiatric illness. I am extremely grateful to Antara for giving me this amazing learning opportunity. It seems to me, that this experience is essential for any student who is interested in pursuing a career in caring for the mentally ill. What I have learned over here is immeasurable and it has increased my interest in the field of psychology to the extent that I now no longer have any doubts about whether this is what I want to do with my life. I thank Antara with all my heart. Watching many of the staff working so hard, everyday, shows that this profession is extremely demanding and they have provided me with an understanding of what I am actually committing myself to by making this choice. However, as with all difficult tasks, I can see that the satisfaction that

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