My First Experience Essay

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My First Experience My first time living on my own was a dreadful experience I will never forget. I was most excited at being able to have my own freedom. That was until I had to learn the responsibilities of living on my own. The worst experience was having to learn how to manage my money and pay bills. This was not an easy task for me. I quickly got behind on my bills for the reason that I just wanted to have fun with my new-found freedom. I would borrow money to pay my bills continuously until I was so deep in debt and could not borrow anymore. This experience became a life-changing event for me and taught me the responsibilities are the necessities first; then come the wants in life. The other issue that I had to deal with was normal household chores. Laundry and cleaning were not my favorite things to do. The most I hated about cleaning was I had to clean up after having friends over. I would let laundry pile up time after time, and I had a bathroom that was so dirty that I kept the door shut. I would rather spend my time with friends and continue doing whatever I wanted when I wanted to do it instead of cleaning. I soon realized, however, my mom was not there to do those types of things for me; and it again was my responsibility. My first time living on my own was an awful experience, however, I learned a lot from that experience, and as of today, my bills are paid first and my household chores are done
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