My First Dog

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Most 10 year old girls are focused on a few core things. Dolls, sleepovers, and sneaking the occasional lipstick from mom’s collection are all typical traits of a 10 year old girl. While I was into all of those things, there was always one thing constantly on my mind. All I wanted was my own loveable, cuddly, playful puppy. I had never had a dog, let alone any type of pet outside of a hamster. It seemed like every one at school had a dog but me, and I was envious of all of them. My mom was neither for, nor against the idea but dad wouldn’t even consider it. Everyday at the dinner table it was my topic of conversation and every day I heard the same thing, no. My birthday was around the corner and getting a dog was my only wish. The morning of truth was finally here, it was my eleventh birthday, and the day I hoped my wish would come true. I woke to an almost empty house, mom and my brothers were gone, and dad was working in the garden. It was just like any other day and I was instantly upset when I wasn’t woken to the cliché big brown box with holes poked in the top, and a shiny red bow. After two irritating hours of Nickelodeon and Disney shows and mom finally gets home. My brothers came charging into the house like wild animals, out of breath and exclaiming that mom needed help bringing in groceries right away. This only fueled my already annoyed, upset mood but I was out of my seat instantly. Walking into the garage, putting on my shoes I noticed everyone standing, staring at me with a peculiar look on their face. No one had groceries in their hands, so why did they need me? Approaching the door of our white minivan, I was confused, and visibly irritable. I pulled the silver handle, the door slid open and I could not believe my eyes. There he was, this incredible, adorable, black and white puppy staring at me with these huge, warm, loving

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