Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day In America

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My First Day in America Student’s name: Danilo Capcha Country of Origen: Peru Class: Reading Professor’s Names: M. Martinez People say that their first day in America was bad; however, my first day in America was good. On March 30, 2000, I had just arrived in the America. I will never forget this day because it was the day that I saw the Twin Towers. I will never forget this day because of the new people I met. I was excited to start my new life in America. I had just arrived at JFK airport in New York and the sun was in my eyes. I was excited to see the beautiful things that the U.S had to offer. I walked around New York when something caught my eyes. I saw the Twin Towers shiny and new. People were walking around everywhere and the Twin Towers shone as the light hit its glass. I knew that was a sign of a new life. I had yet to discoverer the more interesting thing that was there.…show more content…
He asked me, “How is America son?” I replied, “Everything is beautiful here, and I excited to make friends.” When I got off the phone I explored New York a bit more, seeing all the wonderful sites there were to offer such as stores and the large tall buildings there. I got tired and whistled for a taxi. A yellow, beat down taxi came and the person inside shouted, “Hello sir.” I replied “Hi how was your day?” He started to rumble, how his day was bad and that I made his day by at least replying to him. He also told me that his name was Tom. I knew at this moment that I had made my first friend in the America,

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