My First College Football Game Essay

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Desmond Salmon ENC0025C TR 2:30-3:35 MY FIRST COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME Going to war is hell. I enlisted in the United State Navy at the age of twenty. I left home early on the morning of January 30, 1974. After arriving at the training base, my life was like a runaway train. This allowed me to know about football. The game was between Florida gators and a rival team. This was an experience I will always remember. When l joined the military it was tough. This was my first time leaving my family and friends, adventuring into a life of the unknown. Arriving at booth camp l was among thousands of young men and women, whom were about to be Indoctrinated into a new life. I entered in as naive young recruit, but at the end of training l was now a sailor. Defending the United States and the free world was now part of my duties. Coming back to the United States made me realized how much l had missed home. I was given a thicket to a college football game. The day of the glorious occasion was played in Jacksonville, Florida This would be my first college game and l was very excited. There were lots of tail gate parties outside the arena, and thousands of fans on the inside cheering for their team. The game was a very festive occasion. The crowd was very loud, and colorful. The arena was divided into two group The fans were wearing the colors of the teams, and they sat on opposite sides. On that day l became a fan of the gators. I was buying memorvillie of the team. At garage sales and flea markets l would buy anything that had to do with the gators. At times I would debate with my friends on how great this team was. Joining the United States navy gave me the opportunity to experience a new life. I would never change my life in the military for anything. Going to the football game made me a fan of the sport. This was a sport played by

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